location. year. project type. project scope.
albert park, vic. 2022. retail. interiors. decorative elements.

the interiors were inspired by our clients brief to create a tangible and memorable experience for their customers that reflected their personality and the evolution of their brand, but also to create more focus on their growing jewellery and sunglass range.

the challenge was to entice customers to the rear of the store where it lacked natural light and create an area where they felt comfortable to spend time in. the lounge was key for our client in this regard.

flow between retail and lounge was key – we wanted the retail space to feel neutral and fresh and the lounge area to be warm and relaxed but also elevated by the jewellery cabinet, vintage lights and artwork.

mixing eras of design throughout the project, whether it was through joinery inspiration or the selection of one off furniture pieces and lighting – has created a distinctive identity for the next chapter of the stable brand.

photography. traianos pakioufakis